Rotarians On Social Networks Fellowship Hub V1.07 2018/06/02
All Rotary Club and Rotaractor Club members are welcome to join via Facebook login
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About Rotarians On Social Networks Hub

Rotarians and Rotaractors are invited to join ROSNF by simply logging into this hub using Facebook.  The only required information you will be prompted for is your club type, club district, and club name which you can select from list of clubs in your district.  See the
help page for additional information.  Once you have successfully logged in you are invited to also join the ROSNF Member Facebook Discussion Group with over 1,000 members  where you can meet other ROSNF members from around the world and learn more about social networking.  The mission of ROSNF is to promote Rotary fellowship and service with the help of social networks.  See ROSNF on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, ROSNF website, and more.

The ROSNF Hub has three directories:

Member Directory shows club members Facebook profile picture with link to profile, optional classification or special interest with related Facebook page link, club type, club name with club directory link, club Google map link, club district with district directory link, and last update.  Visitors including future Rotarians and Rotaractors are welcome to browse the hub where you may find club members you know on Facebook or through community or other networks.   Send them a message via Facebook and learn more about Rotary fellowship and service. 

Club Directory shows club name with link to club Facebook page, Google map link, Facebook group link,  total members in club with link to member directory list, district with district directory link, and last update.  See who is not yet on Facebook and the hub and send them a link to the hub club member list inviting them to join.  There are over 31,000 clubs in the hub club directory currently.

District Directory shows district with Facebook page link, total clubs with link to club directory list, total members in district with link to member directory list,  Facebook group link, and last update.  There are 537 districts in the hub directory currently with links to the Google map of clubs in each district.
Once you have logged in you will see buttons for
Member Update, Club Update, and District Update.  You can use these to update optional information such as Facebook page and group links for your classification or special interest, club, and district.  Members can also change member name and pre-register other members within their district with optional Facebook profile link and profile picture link.  Volunteer administrators can update members and clubs in all districts.  Anyone interested in volunteering to help promote and manage this hub, please contact the webmaster.

The hub has been developed in PHP and MySQL as an open source tool.  See the hub
maintenance log for pending enhancements and download links to PHP source code in zip format and the corresponding MySQL relational database table dictionary definitions by release version and date.   

The hub has been successfully tested on: Chrome for Android; Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer for Windows 10; and  Safari for iPad.  Please post bug reports and enhancement requests in the ROSNF Facebook member discussion group or send email with attached screen captures if needed to the

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